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    Plastic soft package testing instrument
    Location:Index ? Analytical instruments ? DRK501F Moisture Permeability Tester (including constant temperature and humidity box)
    DRK501F Moisture Permeability Tester (including constant temperature and humidity box)

    DRK501F Moisture Permeability Tester (including constant temperature and humidity box)

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    Instrument use:

    The principle of moisture permeable cup weighing method is to measure the transmittance of water vapor to film, sheet, paper and other materials by weighing the weight of moisture permeable cup.

    Product details

    Compliance with standards:

    GB 1037、GB/T16928、ASTM E96、ASTM D1653、TAPPI T464、ISO2528、DIN 53122-1、JIS Z0208、YBB 00092003。

    Technical parameters:

    1. Display and control: large screen touch screen display and control;

    2. Temperature range and accuracy: 0 130 ℃± 1 ℃;

    3. Humidity range and accuracy: 20% RH ~ 98% RH ≤± 2% RH;

    4. Circulating air velocity: 0.5m/s ~ 2.50m/s, variable frequency drive, stepless and adjustable;

    5. Quantity of moisture permeable cups: 18 (independent data);

    6. The equipment can be tested by weight gain method with desiccant placed in the test cup and external humidity control method, and can also be tested by weight loss method with external humidity control of water in the test cup

    7. The equipment meets the standard requirements of intermittent weighing, with automatic intermittent weighing test mechanism, and the weight sensor can be cleared automatically during the test process

    8. The equipment test chamber has a temperature and humidity identification port. During the test, the temperature and humidity in the test chamber can be identified by external instruments

    9. Time controller: maximum 99.99 hours;

    10. Constant temperature and humidity working room size: 630mm×660mm×800mmL×W×H);

    11. Humidification mode: humidification with saturated steam humidifier;

    12. Heater: 1500W stainless steel finned heating tube;

    13. Refrigerator: 750W France Taikang compressor;

    14. Power supply voltage: AC220V, 50Hz, 2000W;

    15. Overall dimension H×W×D (CM): about 85x180x155;

    16. Weight: About 350kg;

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