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    Plastic soft package testing instrument
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    DRK371-II Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Difference Tester

    DRK371-II Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Difference Tester

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    Instrument use

    It is used to measure the gas exchange pressure difference of medical surgical masks and other products.

    Standards compliant

    EN14683:2019; YY 0469-2011 medical surgical masks 5.7 pressure difference; YY/T 0969-2013 disposable medical masks 5.6 ventilation resistance and other standards.

    Product details


    1. Imported flowmeter is used to control the air flow stably.

    2. High-precision differential pressure sensor, with a range of 0500Pa.

    3. Adopt suction electric air source as suction power.

    4. Color touch screen display, beautiful and generous. The menu-based operation mode is as convenient as a smartphone.

    5. The core control components are 32-bit multi-function motherboards from STMicroelectronics.

    6. The test time can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the test requirements.

    7. The end of the test is equipped with an end sound prompt.

    8. Equipped with special sample holder, easy to use.

    9. The air compressor is used as the air source to supply air to the instrument, which is not restricted by the space of the test site.

    10. The instrument is designed as a desktop computer with stable operation and low noise.

    Technical parameter

    1. Air source: suction type (electric vacuum pump);

    2. Test flow: (8±0.2) L/min (08L/min adjustable);

    3. Sealing method: O-ring seal;

    4. Differential pressure sensing range: 0500Pa;

    5. The breathable diameter of the sample is Φ25mm

    6. Display mode: touch screen display;

    7. The test time can be adjusted arbitrarily.

    8. After the test is completed, the test data is automatically recorded.

    9. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 0.5KW

    Configuration list

    1. 1 host

    2. 1 product certificate

    3. Product instruction manual 1 copy

    4. 1 delivery note

    5. 1 acceptance sheet

    6. 1 copy of product album

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