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    Location:Index ? Analytical instruments ? DRK9007BG Air Filter Element Filtration Performance Tester (aerosol)-including environmental chamber
    DRK9007BG Air Filter Element Filtration Performance Tester (aerosol)-including environmental chamber

    DRK9007BG Air Filter Element Filtration Performance Tester (aerosol)-including environmental chamber

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    Instrument use

    Used to test the filtering performance of the air filter.

    Standards compliant

    ISO16890-2-2016 and other standards.

    Product details

    Instrument characteristics

    1. The resistance pressure difference of the filter material will be obtained through the static pressure ring of the upstream and downstream test chambers, and the high-precision imported brand pressure difference transmitter will be used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the pressure difference.

    2. The dual particle counter sensor is used to collect the upper and lower concentrations at the same time to ensure accurate, stable, fast and effective sampling.

    3. The system tests the air intake and passes through a high efficiency filter (HEPA) to remove suspended particles introduced into the air. There is a voltage stabilization and flow stabilization device installed inside to ensure the stability of the detection flow, and the automatic control system is simple, fast and stable.

    4. Pollutants enter the air after being effectively filtered and absorbed.

    5. Equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, the test results are directly displayed on the interface, the user can choose to directly or save the data, equipped with a remote network module, you can directly upgrade the equipment remotely. 6. The user only needs to place the sample in the fixture, press the button, and after adjusting the test flow, the system will automatically test the resistance or efficiency through the controller (PLC). The whole process is simple, fast and efficient.

    7. Integrated airflow resistance test function, which can detect airflow resistance according to different settings.

    8. Negative pressure test mode to prevent the test gas from entering the surroundings and affecting the health of testers.

    9. The instrument is equipped with an environmental control room, and the user does not need to prepare an environmental room separately.

    Tester technical parameters

    1. Sensor configuration: dual particle counter sensor;

    2. Number of fixture stations: single station;

    3. Test sample area: 610mm*610mm;

    4. Aerosol generator: solid aerosol or liquid aerosol (choose one of the two);

    5. Test flow: 0.25m3/s1.5m3/s;

    6. Filter efficiency test range: 099.999%, resolution 0.001%;

    7. Resistance test range: 02000Pa, accuracy: ≤±0.5%;

    8. Electrostatic neutralizer: Equipped with electrostatic neutralizer, which can neutralize the charged particles;

    9. Test environment: (23±5)℃, (45±10)RH%;

    10. Power requirements: AC380V, 8kW;

    11. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 3200mm×2600mm×1850mm;重量:約 860Kg。

    Technical parameters of constant temperature and humidity room

    1. Temperature control range: 20℃30℃;

    2. Temperature control accuracy: ≤±2℃;

    3. Humidity control range: 40%RH70%RH;

    4. Humidity control accuracy: ≤5%RH;

    5. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 4000mm×3400mm×2200mm;

    6. Internal dimensions (L×W×H): 3500mm×3000mm×2000mm;

    7. Voltage requirements: AC380V, 11kW.


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