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    Plastic soft package testing instrument
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    DRK6003B Glove Heat Insulation Tester

    DRK6003B Glove Heat Insulation Tester

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    Instrument use

    Use a high-temperature object to directly touch the glove to simulate the temperature rise of a human hand in the glove within a certain period of time, and objectively test the relevant parameters of the glove's thermal insulation performance.

    Product details

    Standards compliant


    Instrument characteristics:

    1. Large touch screen display, user-friendly interface design and easy operation.

    2. There is a test time display during the test, which is convenient for test time adjustment.

    3. The panel is made of special aluminum material and metal buttons, which are sensitive to operation and not easy to damage.

    4. The core control components are 32-bit multi-function motherboards from STMicroelectronics.

    5. High-quality servo motor and servo controller drive, precise speed control.

    6. The instrument contains Chinese and English interfaces to facilitate the inspection of foreign customers.

    7. The surface spraying of the instrument adopts high-quality electrostatic spraying technology.

    8. The instrument is equipped with a precision level detection device.

    9. The instrument is designed as a desktop computer with stable operation and low noise.

    10. 16-bit high-precision temperature acquisition AD chip.

    11. The online computer automatically displays the curve.

    12. Automatically generate test reports.

    13. Heating cylinder release: press the sample under free gravity.

    14. Heating cylinder return: automatic return.

    15. Thermal insulation protection board: automatic movement.

    16. Heat insulation protection board: automatic return.

    17. Use imported omega sensors and transmitters.

    Technical parameter

    1. The calorimeter test diameter is 25mm±0.02;

    2. Temperature range: room temperature +5℃-500℃;

    3. Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃;

    4. The temperature resolution is 0.1℃;

    5. The applied force of the heating cylinder: 49±0.5N;

    6. The detection point of the heating cylinder sensor, the distance from the bottom of the test: 3mm±0.05mm;

    7. Release speed of heating cylinder 5mm/s (speed adjustable 1-10mm/s);

    8. The return speed of the heating cylinder is 5mm/s (speed adjustable 1-10mm/s);

    9. Distance between heating cylinder and sample surface: 150mm±0.5mm;

    10. Polyethylene protective board: 20*240*250mm;

    11. The distance between the polyethylene protective plate and the upper surface of the sample: 100mm;

    12. Moving speed of polyethylene protective board: 80mm/s

    13. Time measurement range: 0-99999.9S

    14. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

    15. Dimensions: 640×520×780mm (L×W×H)

    16. Total weight: 80kg;

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