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    DRK109 Cardboard Burst Tester (Computer)

    DRK109 Cardboard Burst Tester (Computer)

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    Product description

    The DRK109 paperboard bursting tester is an international universal Mullen type instrument which is the basic instrument for testing the strength performance of paper and paperboard. This instrument is simple to operate, reliable in performance, and advanced in technology. It is a scientific research unit, paper manufacturer, and packaging equipment. Ideal equipment indispensable for industry and quality inspection department.

    Product details


    1. Full computer control technology, open structure, high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable.

    2. Fully automatic measurement, intelligent calculation function, with differential pressure adjustment system

    3. Independently researched and developed software, the burst tester automatically measures, counts, and prints the test results, and has the function of data storage;

    4. High-speed micro printer, high-speed printing, easy to use, low failure;

    5. Modern design concept of electromechanical integration, hydraulic system, powerful function, compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance;

    6. During the experiment, real-time display of data force value, experimental change curve and other information.


    It is used to test all kinds of cardboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard. It can also be used to test the breaking strength of non-paper materials such as silk and cotton cloth.

    Technical standard

    ISO2759 "Determination of Bursting Resistance of Paperboard"

    QB/T1057 "Paper and Cardboard Burst Tester"

    GB1539 "Testing Method for Bursting Resistance of Cardboard"

    GB/T6545 "Determination of Bursting Strength of Corrugated Board"

    GB/T454 "Determination of Bursting Strength of Paper"

    Technical parameter

    1. Measuring range: 2506000Kpa;

    2. The clamping force between the upper and lower chuck: >690 Kpa;

    3. Pressurized oil delivery speed: 170±15ml/min;

    4. Film resistance: 170-220Kpa when the bulge height is 10mm; when the bulge height is 18mm, 250-350Kpa;

    5. The accuracy of the whole machine: Class 1 (resolution: 0.1 Kpa);

    6. Accuracy of indication: ±0.5%F.S;

    7. Hydraulic system tightness: at the upper limit of measurement, the pressure drop within 1 minute is less than 10% Pmax;

    8. Specimen clamp ring size: upper and lower clamp ring aperture φ31.5±0.05mm;

    9. Dimensions: 530×360×550mm;

    10. Motor power: 90W;

    11. Power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz;

    12. Mass: 75kg.

    Product configuration

    One host, one power cord, four rolls of printing paper

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