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    DRK-K616 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

    DRK-K616 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

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    The DRK-K616 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer is a fully automatic distillation and titration nitrogen measurement system designed based on the classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method. The core control system of DRK-K616, as well as the automatic machine and spare parts for perfection, create the excellent quality of DRK-K616. The instrument can realize the automatic waste discharge and cleaning function of the digestive tube, and easily complete the automatic waste discharge and automatic cleaning of the titration cup. The newly designed steam generation system can control the volume of steam and detect the temperature of the receiving liquid in real time; high-precision corrosion resistance The liquid pump and linear motor micro-control titration system ensure the accuracy of the experimental results. It is widely used in food processing, feed production, tobacco, animal husbandry, soil fertilizer, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, teaching, quality supervision and other fields to determine nitrogen or protein content.

    Product details


    1. Fully automatic distillation, titration, calculation, printing, automatic emptying and cleaning functions provide safe and time-saving operations.

    2. The external titration cup design allows the operator to control the experiment in real time.

    3. The steam flow is controllable, making the experiment more convenient and flexible.

    4. A real-time monitor for distillate temperature. When the distillate temperature is abnormal, the instrument will automatically stop to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results.

    5. With double distillation mode, it can meet different experimental requirements and ease the violent degree of acid-base reaction.

    6. The quick emptying function of the digestive tube prevents the experimenter from contacting the distilled hot reagent and protects the safety of the experimenter.

    7. High-precision dosing pump and titration system ensure the accuracy of experimental results.

    8. LCD touch color display, simple and convenient operation, rich in information, enabling users to quickly master the use of the instrument.

    9. The instrument has multiple sensors such as safety door in place, digestion tube in place, condensate water flow, steam generator, etc. All information is under control to ensure the safety of experiment and operators.

    10. Really automatic nitrogen determination instrument: automatic alkali and acid addition, automatic distillation, automatic titration, automatic waste discharge, automatic cleaning, automatic correction, automatic digestion tube emptying, automatic fault detection, Automatic solution level monitoring, automatic over-temperature monitoring, automatic calculation results.

    11. Real-time guarantee of experiment safety: Metal steam generator is used, and multiple safety monitoring devices such as safety door in place, digestion pipe in place, and condensate water flow are equipped to ensure the safety of experiments and operators in real time.

    12. The 42mm digestive tube is used to seamlessly connect with the original imported instruments, and the era of full compatibility is coming.

    13. More user-friendly design, LCD full-color touch screen, easy to use.

    Technical index

    Measuring range

    0.1 m g~ 280mg nitrogen

    Measuring speed


    Repeatability error (RSD)


    Recovery rate

    ≥99. 5%

    Titration accuracy

    1.0μ L/step

    Determine sample weight

    Solid ≤ 5g

    Liquid ≤20mL

    Condensate consumption

    1.5 L/ m in

    Data storage

    1800 Set

    power supply

    220V AC 10 % 50Hz

    rated power


    Dimensions (length * width * height)

    455mm X39lmm X730mm

    net weight


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