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    Scientific and professional testing instruments are indispensable tools for scientific research. Professional scientific research equipment is 

    an important means to improve the level of scientific research. Accurate and scientific instruments and equipment are also prerequisites 

    for the correctness and rigor of research results. Drick has been committed to the research and development of plastic flexible packaging 

    inspection technology, leading more than ten national-level technical standards, with more than 100 scientific and technological patents, 

    customers all over the world, Drick equipment in the national quality inspection institutions, research institutions, production The company 

    has a wide range of applications and is recognized by the market.

    Drick has a wide range of testing equipment covering physical and mechanical properties, barrier properties, chemical properties, etc., which 

    can realize all-round testing of materials, and Drick can have a professional technical research and development team, which can be based 

    on the special requirements of materials. Professional testing equipment customization services, providing professional technical support for 

    research and learning.

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