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    Drugs are sensitive to oxygen, water vapor, light and other factors. Long-term exposure to these factors can lead to changes in drug 

    dosage forms, drug failure, drug changes, and even the production of harmful substances, which in turn affects the efficacy of the 

    drug and even affects human health. Packaging is one of the decisive factors in the stability of the drug during the shelf life of the 

    drug, and plays an important role in the protection of the efficacy.

    Pharmaceutical packaging should have certain barrier properties. Separate the O2 and H2O in the environment from the drug as 

    much as possible to prevent the oxidative deterioration and deliquescence of the drug. The drug packaging should have a certain 

    mechanical strength to prevent it from being damaged during storage and transportation. After the collision and extrusion, the 

    package is ruptured, causing the drug to be exposed to the air, causing the drug to deteriorate or be contaminated; the drug 

    packaging should have certain safety to avoid the migration of substances in the packaging material to the drug and affect the 

    efficacy or harmful substances accompanying the drug. The human body affects the health of the body; for light-sensitive drugs, 

    the packaging should have a certain light-proof property to avoid changes in the drug properties.

    In order to achieve the overall quality control of the packaging, the equipment produced by Drick is also suitable for the friction 

    coefficient test that affects the production efficiency of the packaging line, the bottled torque that affects the experience of the 

    drug terminal, the suspension force of the infusion bag, and the puncture performance of the rubber plug. .

    Drick has professional, scientific and convenient medical packaging testing equipment and management methods, which can provide 

    pharmaceutical companies with a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical packaging safety risk detection, such as quality control of 

    packaging raw materials, quality control and control of packaging production lines, quality control of packaging products.

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